Witch's Bile

Here are the links to the chapters of the ongoing Witch's Bile series that I've been writing. It serves as a little side-plot to my novel and its (in-progress) sequel, non-essential but hopefully entertaining reading. Eliza is a misanthropic, foul-mouthed English witch hiding out in Illinois who is discovered by her mistress. She's given a protégé, Jo, and forced to report back at regular intervals. But when an intruder leaves a gory surprise, Eliza realises that Jo has a few secrets.

Prologue: I Can't Be Any Clearer
Part 1: Eliza Says Hi
Part 2: Getting to Know You
Part 3: An Intruder
Part 4: The Bereaved
Part 5: An Admirer
Part 6: House Call
Part 7: A Night Out
Part 8: Empty Chests and Flat Feet
Part 9: Open Flames
Part 10: Bye Now

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