Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Time, time, time.

Just a short blog post this week, I'm afraid. I've become quite busy for the moment so the time I have to do fun things like this has been cut down.

I was planning to write something about the book that I'm currently reading. However, given that I've not had a lot of time to read it and it's this big:

I decided to do that another time. It's Stephen King's Under the Dome by the way. Just in case you couldn't tell by the fact that it could crush a man. I've been putting off reading it for ages because of its daunting length, but it's very good so far.

However, just a quick little note. This time it's about time.

I don't know how it works with others, but I write more efficiently when I have a deadline. If I'm given a short space of time to fit some writing in, I tend to get it done (except in the case of this blog post, which I am writing on Tuesday night but will more than likely go up on Wednesday at some point). So, in a sense, this sudden disappearance of my lovely afternoon writing time may mean that I actually get more done. In another sense, it probably won't but it might mean that the writing that actually gets done will be better. Or maybe not.

If what you're writing is worth doing, it's worth doing when you're knackered, when all you feel like doing is going to sleep. Unless you actually, physically need to sleep, in which case I would say that you should. I've seen the writing I've done when I'm exhausted and it makes absolutely no sense. There's a similar issue with ideas that I have when I'm falling asleep. When I forget them, they are always a truly inspired piece of genius that is forever lost. When I actually write them down, I can't understand what I've scribbled and why on earth I've scribbled it. But my point is that I'm being reminded that you need to find time to get the writing done. If what you're working on is worth the time, it'll keep poking your conscience until you write it down, or until you forget about it. The first one is the much better option.

So, the work! Yes, the work. Well, the novel follow-up has re-emerged with some fresh ideas. I'm getting quite excited about the chance to have a few different characters with diverging story-lines. I think I may even buy a pin board to keep track of their relationships and stories. That may just be because I've been rewatching The Wire. That pin board looked really helpful.

There's also the more pressing matter of the project I'm working on with Benjamin Sheppard. There are two developments with that. One: I'll be asking collaborator Martin Parsons to take a look at what's been done so far (I haven't told him that yet). Two: We have some sample music from the talented Iain McGibbon. The title (not the project title, but the music title) is either "Do you still love your dead girlfriend now that she's alive again?" or "Do you still love your girlfriend now that she's dead again?" I think I prefer the second but both are lovely. I don't think we're actually talking about the project yet but I got very excited when I heard the music!

So there are fun things going on. In progress, at least anyway. The last few weeks have felt like some inspiration was needed. So let's see what we can do.

If all goes according to plan there should be a story up next week. I will try for a non-horror just to keep things fresh. Thanks for reading.

Oh, I managed to get it posted on Tuesday night! Win.

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