Friday, 26 October 2012

Film review pushing: You should really see Excision

I know Skyfall's out this weekend but horror fans should really take note of Excision, which is showing at the Prince Charles Cinema in London from Sunday 28th for about a week before arriving on DVD on the 12th of November. It's the story of a teen outcast (AnnaLynne McCord) with neon sex-and-death fantasies and a passion for surgery. The film boasts a cast of cult icons including Malcolm McDowell, Ray Wise, Traci Lords and the great John Waters and excellent character actors like Roger Bart and Marlee Matlin. It's gruesome and hilarious, touching and mad, and the lead actress is superb.

You can read my full gushing review here at Cinetalk and Londoners looking for a darkly comic treat this Halloween should definitely check it out. I know it's playing at some horror festivals over Halloween, including the FrighFest all nighter on Saturday and Celluloid Screams on Sunday, so do be sure to see it, and catch it when it comes to DVD. As an aside, I know I've gone on about American Mary a lot already but these two films really are such a welcome reminder of how important a interesting, complex female lead is. Actually, just an interesting, complex lead. To be honest, it's just great to see funny, daring horror.

Oh and my Skyfall review is up at Cinetalk, if you're interested, as are my London Film Festival reviews of the grubbily gripping Simon Killer, the lovingly trashy Kiss of the Damned, the skin-crawling true story Compliance, the the funny but slightly disappointing Seven Psychopaths, the absolutely hilarious Sightseers and actually very good Argo among others. There's a lot more but I'm running out of descriptions so I'll just let you browse Cinetalk for our team's coverage if you're so inclined.

Right, so, back to fiction. The Halloween Special story will be up in a day or two. I'm putting your title suggestions to one side for one story only. Sorry, but I want to write a sequel to last year's Halloween story: Let the Jack O'Lanterns Light Your Way Home. Because who doesn't love a sequel? What were we talking about? Ah yes, good original horror. Here's the trailer for Excision. Go and see it at the Prince Charles Cinema!

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