Saturday, 6 October 2012

Witch's Bile Part 10: Bye Now

Hello and welcome to the last part of this series of Witch's Bile. This serves as an epilogue really, so if you haven't read any of the others please go here to give them a look. Please enjoy.


It was you. Of course it was you. How could I not have seen it was you?

Jo wasn’t the punishment, was she? The monster following her was. An empty vessel with one single purpose but not completely brainless? Well, technically brainless I suppose. He’d been scooped clean at some point before he’d developed his obsession with poor Jo. Anyway, that’s some serious fucking magic and would require someone very bloody-minded to arrange. Well done, Mum. You made life difficult for me for a little bit, and made life miserable for Jo for nearly a year. Impressive, even by your standards of colossal bitchiness.

I suppose this might have been a test, rather than a punishment. Maybe you were seeing if I was capable of dealing with it, rather than just pissing me off for the hell of it. Maybe you wanted to see if I could teach somebody something. Maybe Jo’s more important than you let on. But that thought makes me uneasy because it would imply that you were preparing me for something. And I’d hate to think what that would be.

Because I know that something’s going on. Even out here in the fucking sticks I can tell that something is stirring, which makes me more determined than ever to disappear again. I told the Sheriff what we did the monster you sent us. Well, I kept most of the magic out of it. I just told him that we burned it up and that when the fire goes out it’s very important that they salt the bloody earth. I don’t know if makes any difference, the old salting the earth trick, but as a symbolic gesture it’s pretty cathartic. 

Anyway, Sheriff Larch nodded, stroked that beard of his and told me he would very much appreciate it we never darkened his doorway again. Those were his words; I assume he meant “stay outta town.”
I told Jo that she could either go back to Paris or stick with me for a bit. I know. I surprised myself. I don’t know how much longer I’d want her around for but I feel like somebody owes her something and I can’t very well blame her for being a bit pissed off with you. Yes, I told her my theory. She’s fuming. If we hadn’t already set fire to the house I’d have been worried.

So, this is my final tape, at least until you find me again. I’m off to show Jo a bit of America before something else decides to murder every man between it and her. Obviously I’m not going to tell you where we’re going but I want you to know that we’re both fine and we both hate you. Take care, Émilie. And please feel free to leave me alone.

Your hateful daughter,

Eliza Belmont.


So that's that for Eliza and Jo. I hope you enjoyed this series. They might be back at some point but not for a long while. I enjoyed writing them but I'm not really sure how successful they were. I hope you had fun reading them anyway. Thank you very much for doing so. 

The next post will be a blog update! Excitement!

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